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The Citizens’ Advisory Board (CAB)

January 9, 2012 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Cherry Island Landfill
January 9, 2012
The January 9, 2012 meeting of the Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) commenced at 5:20 p.m. in
the Conference Room of the Delaware Recycling Center, 1101 Lambsons Lane, New Castle.
Thomas Mitten Richard Watson Robert Hartman
Vince D’Anna Robin Roddy
Deborah Deubert Michael D. Parkowski
Jeffrey Flynn Uriel Rodriguez
Thomas Noyes
Cheryl Trawick
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) updates
Mr. Hartman presented DNREC’s update on their activities at Cherry Island Landfill (see
attached). Mr. Hartman reported that in October 2011, DNREC conducted an Annual
Compliance Inspection of the Cherry lsland Landfill (CIL). This inspection is typically
unannounced, to check on landfill conditions and the manner in which the landfill was left the
previous night. DSWA was found to be operating in accordance with Permit conditions.
Mr. Hartman also reported that on September 28, 2011 DSWA ceased to discharge stormwater
from the Phase Va area of the landfill. During DSWA’s routine inspections, they found that the
water had an odor to it. DSWA did a field conductivity test and found possible contamination, so
discharge was stopped in that area on September 28. DSWA has since then been working to
fix the problem.
Mr. Mitten enquired if discharge operations will resume in that area.
Mr. Hartman explained that stormwater discharge from this area has been resumed. During the
investigation, DSWA discovered a problem with the grouting seal used on the pipes. On
November 21 and 22, 2011 DSWA repaired the pipes, cleaned the system and discharging was
resumed from Phase Va.
Mr. Mitten expressed concerns that the repair took over a month from the time it went out to the
time it was repaired.
CAB Meeting Notes
January 9, 2012
Page 2
Ms. Roddy explained that the repair was technically done in only one day. The investigation to
determine the cause of the problem, was time consuming considering the majority of the system
components are below the surface.
Mr. Mitten enquired if the damage was unanticipated or was it due to an aging process? He
also enquired about how many other configurations of the same are there and is DSWA doing
anything preventative?
Ms. Roddy explained that the damage was neither normal nor due to aging as the system was
newly installed as part of the Expansion Project. Ms Roddy further explained that there was a
concrete wetwell with a pipe penetration in it, which was sealed with a grout. The grout was
found to be cracked. Ms. Roddy explained that the repair included removing the cracked grout
and replacing it with a mechanical seal. DSWA required that the contractor inspect all grouted
pipes and if any problems were found, they should be replaced with a link seal. To date, no
other pipes have been found to be cracked.
Mr. D’Anna asked if this was not likely to happen again.
Ms. Roddy explained that in addition to the link seal, a boot was also installed for reinforcement
so this was not likely to happen.
CIL Update
Ms. Roddy reported tonnage of waste received at CIL as follows:
Calendar Year: 2011 – 336,000 tons
2010 – 395,000 tons
2009 – 432,000 tons
2008 – 482,000 tons
Mr. D’Anna expressed concerns about keeping the landfill operating with the continual decrease
in tonnage. He suggested that instead of raising the tipping fees, DSWA should do flow control,
as he believes that the more DSWA raises tipping fees, the more tonnage would be lost, hence
the reason DSWA should try flow control. Mr. D’Anna agreed with Ms. Deubert that it is not a
problem if recycling is up and trash is down. However, Mr. D’Anna explained that there is an
obligation to keep the landfill open for trash disposal and suggested DSWA at least regulate flow
control with the recyclers.
Mr. Parkowski explained that DSWA is currently implementing a form of flow control through
contracts and if this method proves to fail in the future, then DSWA would look into regulating
flow control.
Mr. Mitten asked about the progress on the landfill gas issue.
CAB Meeting Notes
January 9, 2012
Page 3
Ms. Roddy explained that DSWA has entered into agreement with Cummins. Cummins will
supply landfill gas to end users for heat or power. Croda is a confirmed end user at this point.
The City of Wilmington (COW) wastewater treatment plant is a potential end user.
Mr. Noyes expressed that he would like more information on the LFG project progress.
Ms. Roddy expressed that DSWA will be meeting with Cummins and will put a package together
for the next meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 6:19 p.m.
DSWA Cherry Island Landfill Summary for the Citizens Advisory Board
Prepared by Robert Hartman, DNREC Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Section
January 9, 2012
1. There were no odor complaints concerning the landfill during the 4th quarter of 2011. The
DNREC received no odor complaints about the landfill during 2011.
2. There were no fires reported at the CIL during the 4
th quarter of 2011.
3. No prohibited wastes were reported received at the landfill during the 4
th quarter of 2011.
4. DNREC staff continued to inspect the facility and 12th Street for litter and dust during the 4th
quarter of 2011, and have found the DSWA to be satisfactorily controlling litter and dust
both on site and off.
5. Staff from the SHWMS conducted an unannounced compliance assessment on October 14,
2011 and found DSWA to be operating the CIL in accordance with the conditions of Permit
6. On September 28, 2011, DSWA ceased discharging stormwater from the Phase V.a area of
the landfill, an area that has yet to receive waste. This action was taken after DSWA staff
smelled odors at the discharge outlet from Phase V.a. and completed a field check for
specific conductivity of the water being discharged from that area. The odor and the field
check indicated possible contamination of stormwater in this area. During the subsequent
investigation, DSWA discovered a hydraulic connection between a nearby pump station and
Phase V.a. of the landfill. DSWA determined that the connection was caused by damage to a
leachate collection pipe within Phase V.a. and a problem with a grouting seal between pipes
leading from the pump station. DSWA repaired the damage on November 21st and 22
nd of
2011, cleaned the system, and have resumed discharging stormwater from the Phase V.a.
7. DSWA remains in compliance with the conditions of the Yard Waste Ban.
12001 January 9, 2012


January 9, 2012
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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The Delaware Recycling Center
1101 Lambsons Lane, New Castle, DE 19720 United States
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