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The Citizens’ Advisory Board (CAB)

April 7, 2014 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Cherry Island Landfill
April 7, 2014
The April 7, 2014 meeting of the Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) convened at 5:10 p.m. at the
Cherry Island Landfill (CIL), 1706 E. 12th Street, Wilmington.
Anthony deFiore Robin Roddy Nancy Marker
Leonard Sophrin Michael Parkowski Mark Lyon
Darius Brown Jason Munyan
Vince D’Anna Uriel Rodriguez
Sandra Smithers

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) update
Ms. Marker presented DNREC’s update on their activities at CIL (see attached).
Ms. Marker reported two (2) incidences of fire at CIL during the 1st Quarter 2014. One
incident occurred on March 5 where Flare A failed causing an internal fire. The second
incident occurred on March 27 and that was a small fire at the working face of the landfill.
The fire was contained onsite and there were no injuries reported.
There were no prohibited wastes received at the landfill during the 1st quarter 2014. DSWA
had continued to control odors, litter and dust on and off site in accordance with their permit.
DSWA remains in compliance with the Yard Waste Ban during the 1st quarter 2014.
CIL Update
Mr. Munyan elaborated further on the two fires at the landfill. The flare fire occurred when
one of CIL’s two flares malfunctioned and shut down due to high temperature. The high
temperatures caused a fire and damage to the flare, consequently, it’s currently not in use.
DSWA does have one operational flare and is capable of flaring excess landfill gas (LFG).
Additionally, DSWA is exploring renting and utilizing a temporary candlestick flare during the
next several months, while Staff evaluates options for long term landfill gas control at CIL,
including flare repairs and replacement.
CAB Meeting Notes
April 7, 2014
Page 2
Mr. Munyan also further explained the 2nd fire incident, which was a hot load that came in to
the landfill. The Compactor Operator identified the load and pushed it off to the side,
smothered it and let it sit for a day to make sure it was out before landfilling it.
Mr. Sophrin asked what a hot load was and what caused this particular fire?
Mr. Munyan explained that a hot load is as the name implies a load of waste that is
excessively hot. This can be caused when something gets thrown into a load of trash that
causes a spark or sometimes things will spontaneously ignite within a waste load. DSWA
was not able to identify the exact cause of this particular one, the smoldering was identified
and then the load was segregated.
Continuing the update Mr. Munyan stated that there is a solar project being installed on site.
It’s being currently constructed along the southern edge of the property with installation
scheduled to be completed by the end of the month.
Mr. Parkowski indicated that the actual target completion date was April 29.
Mr. Munyan reported that DSWA is looking into installing more trees along the side of the
ramp going up the landfill where the existing poplars are, to fill in bare spots. Additional trees
would also be planted extending towards south. Given some time for growth, these trees
should be visible from 495 and will obscure some of the view of the landfill from there.
Ms. Marker inquired about the foot print of the solar project and if it will be visible from 495,
as she anticipates that DNREC will be questioned on it.
Mr. Munyan responded that it is approximately 2 – 3 acres total.
The LFG that is collected from Cherry Island has the potential to be used as an energy
source. Currently, approximately half of the collected gas is piped to CRODA for their
combined heat and energy needs, while the other half is being flared. The goal is to utilize as
much of the gas for renewable energy while minimizing the flared portion. The City of
Wilmington’s (COW) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) will be the next end user to come
on line, using both CIL LFG and COW WWTP LFG to dry out their sludge and generate
electricity. The WWTP will be capable of utilizing about 1,200 scfm of DSWA’s gas which
currently gets flared. The project is behind schedule with the latest estimates for completion
being June or July.
Mr. Sophrin inquired as to what’s going on with the Army Corps of Engineers’ (COE) property
and what is the status of their dredging?
Ms. Roddy explained that the COE utilizes both Wilmington Harbor North (WHN) and
Wilmington Harbor South (WHS) for their dredge disposal from Christina River dredge
CAB Meeting Notes
April 7, 2014
Page 3
operations. The COE typically alternates dredge disposal from their dredging activities
between the two sites. WHN is expected to be exhausted for dredging capacity by 2015.
Mr. Parkowski proposed the meeting move to the selection of a CAB Chairman.
Selection of Chairman
Councilman Brown made a motion to nominate Mr. D’Anna as Chairman of the CAB. The
motion was second by Mr. Sophrin and unanimously approved by the CAB.
Ms. Smithers stated that she understood that DSWA has a representative from DNREC on
site daily providing oversight and inquired as to how any findings were reported as a result of
Ms. Roddy explained that Mr. Lyon, DNREC’s on site representative, can bring his concerns
to DSWA staff at any time. She further explained that the Facility Manager typically
addresses those concerns as needed; some issues may require immediate attention and
others may be longer term action items.
Mr. Lyon further explained that he keeps a daily log and submit an electronic report to
Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 07/14/14 at 5:00 p.m. at CIL
Meeting adjourned at approximately 5:43 p.m.
14 0407 CIL CAB
DSWA Cherry Island Landfill Summary for the Citizens Advisory Board
Prepared by Brad Richardson, DNREC Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Section
April 7, 2014
1. During the 1st quarter of 2014, DSWA recorded no complaints in their Odor Complaints
2. There were two fires reported at the CIL during the 1st quarter of 2014. Both incidences
were immediately reported to DNREC and followed up with a written notification with the
prescribed 5 working days.
 Wed. March 5, 2014: “Flare A” shut down on high burner temperature. The
incident was contained inside “Flare A” and the associated blower. It appears that
there was a flash back (incident of flame presence outside the normal flame area),
which caused damage to “Flare A” and to the associated air blower. This was the
result of burner failure. There were no injuries. There was no smoke associated
with the incident. As of March 10th, DSWA was pursuing replacement to the
damaged materials. DSWA is also pursuing a thorough inspection with the
manufacturer of the flare.
 Thur. March 27, 2014: Report of a small fire at the landfill working face used by
commercial customers. The G&L compactor operator noticed the fire and
reported it. He called for a water truck and soil to be delivered to the working
face. The waste involved was pushed out of the working face and isolated onto a
solid soil surface and smothered with the additional soil. It appears the fire was
extinguished in approximately 5-minutes. However, the materials involved
remained isolated overnight and were reincorporated into the main working area
the following day once it was certain there was no longer a risk of fire. The cause
of the fire is unknown; it is not known if the fire was dumped as a hot load.
3. No prohibited wastes were reported as received at the landfill during the 1st quarter of 2014.
4. According to our on-site inspections during the 1st quarter of 2014, DSWA has controlled
odors, litter and dust both on site and off in accordance with the conditions of their solid
waste facility permit.

5. DSWA remains in compliance with the conditions of the Yard Waste Ban. As of March 31st

DSWA had issued no citations for yard waste at the working face for 2014.
6. Please note that all environmental complaints, including odor complaints, should be reported
to DNREC’s toll free complaint line: 1-800-662-8802.


April 7, 2014
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Cherry Island Landfill Administrative Building
1706 East 12th Street, Wilmington, DE 19809 United States
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