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The Citizens’ Advisory Board (CAB)

July 14, 2014 @ 8:00 am - June 11, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

Cherry Island Landfill
July 14, 2014
The July 14, 2014 meeting of the Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) convened at 11:35 a.m. at
the Cherry Island Landfill (CIL), 1706 E. 12th Street, Wilmington.
Anthony deFiore Robin Roddy Brad Richardson
Sandra Smithers Michael Parkowski Mark Lyon
Vince D’Anna Jason Munyan
Uriel Rodriguez

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) update
Mr. Richardson presented DNREC’s update on their activities at CIL (see attached).
Mr. Richardson reported one (1) fire incident at CIL during the 2nd Quarter 2014. On May 28
a small fire was observed at the working face of the landfill. It appeared that a hot load was
brought in by a Waste Management vehicle. A George & Lynch (G&L) operator identified the
fire and immediately reported to the Sr. Facility Manager. The load was segregated,
thoroughly wetted, and smothered with soil. Once it was contained and there was no longer a
risk, the load was incorporated with the rest of the waste. Mr. Munyan immediately reported
the incident to DNREC as required by permit and followed up with a written notification as
stated within five (5) business days.
There were no prohibited wastes received at the landfill during the 2nd quarter 2014. DSWA
had continued to control odors, litter and dust on and off site in accordance with their permit.
DSWA remains in compliance with the Yard Waste Ban during the 2nd quarter 2014.
CIL Update
Mr. Munyan highlighted the closing of the I-495 Bridge and its effect on the landfill. As CIL is
in very close proximity to the I-495 Bridge the closing has affected the ability of the haulers to
make it to this site.
CAB Meeting Notes
July 14, 2014
Page 2
In order to accommodate this, CIL has been opening one (1) hour early, at 6:00 a.m., to give
the haulers an opportunity to deliver the waste in to the site. DSWA anticipates CIL will
continue to open one (1) hour early till the bridge re-opens.
Mr. Munyan continued to report that the Army Corp of Engineers (COE) is actively preparing
the dredge disposal area adjacent to CIL. The preparations involve raising their berms to
allow for active dredge disposal in the near future. Mr. Munyan has been trying to set up a
meeting with the COE to find out more specific information regarding the planned use of the
disposal area.
Mr. D’Anna enquired if the COE would be utilizing the Wilmington Harbor South disposal area
since it is more reliable than Wilmington Harbor North.
Mr. Munyan responded that it is in fact the Wilmington Harbor North dredge disposal area,
which abuts CIL that the COE is preparing.
Ms. Roddy elaborated that the south side is a larger area for dredge disposal, but they do
continue to monitor Wilmington Harbor North and attempt to utilize this area to the fullest
extent possible. She explained that they typically alternate between the north and south
locations which allows each area time to rest and water to drain. The COE then excavates
the dewatered material from the center of the disposal area and use that material to build the
berms back up allowing for more capacity. It is true there is a finite capacity, but we are not
sure where that limit is. The latest indication that we have heard for reaching final capacity is
Ms. Roddy then elaborated on Landfill Gas (LFG) we’re collecting at CIL. The majority is
being sent to CRODA for combined heat and power, with the hope that the City of Wilmington
(COW) is online by the next CAB meeting. They have a large sludge drying and energy
generation project with Honeywell. A key piece of that project involves utilizing part of CIL’s
LFG at a rate of about 1,200 cubic ft/min.
Mr. D’Anna enquired if the COW will be competing with CRODA and also if the LFG
decreases over time.
Ms. Roddy responded that the COW is another end user not a competitor. Ms. Roddy
continued to explain that Cummins own the rights to the LFG and that we have a 20 year
agreement with Cummins. In those 20 years there’s a projection for the quantity of gas and
then it’s Cummins’ responsibility to work with the end users. They have separate contracts
with CRODA and the COW. Ultimately Cummins might look for a 3rd end user and that would
depend on the quantity of gas available.
Mr. D’Anna asked if we’re using energy from waste that has already been landfilled and how
does that affect the new waste?
CAB Meeting Notes
July 14, 2014
Page 3
Ms. Roddy explained that the landfill has accepted waste since 1985, so there’s some very
old waste and some new waste. In the life of a landfill LFG production starts about five years
after that first waste is placed. Currently, we are extracting about 3,000 cubic ft/min.
Mr. Munyan continued to report that the President will be visiting the Port of Wilmington,
directly across the Christina River from CIL. As a result, homeland security has visited the
site to access any security concerns associated with this. It is assumed that roadways in the
surrounding areas will be closed during his visit which may affect the ability of haulers to
reach CIL.
Mr. deFiore enquired if we had any way of letting the haulers know that there will be major
delays because of President Obama visiting.
Mr. Parkowski responded that we have constant contact with the haulers, but if it’s short
notice such as is the case here. It’s difficult to get the word out. Mr. Parkowski however, did
send out a reminder that President Obama is visiting and delays should be expected.
Ms. Roddy mentioned that Marvin Thomas has moved and is no longer able to serve on the
Mr. D’Anna suggested we contact Senator Henry’s office and request a new appointee to fill
Mr. Thomas’ position. He also asked about the status of the solar project.
Ms. Roddy reported that the solar project is now operational with the potential to generate
250 kw solar energy on the south west side of the landfill. DSWA now has a solar project at
all three (3) sites with this one being the largest.
Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 10/06/14 at 5:00 p.m. at CIL
Meeting adjourned at approximately 12:10 p.m.
14 0714 CIL CAB
DSWA Cherry Island Landfill Summary for the Citizens Advisory Board
Prepared by Brad Richardson, DNREC Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Section
July 14, 2014
1. During the 2nd quarter of 2014, DSWA recorded no complaints in their Odor Complaints
Log. The last odor complaint was reported in 2013.
2. There was one fire reported at the CIL during the 2nd quarter of 2014. In accordance with
the conditions of their solid waste facility permit, this incident was immediately reported to
DNREC and followed up with a written notification within the prescribed 5 working days.
 Tuesday. May 28, 2014: At approximately 3:15 pm a small fire at the landfill
working face used by commercial customers was reported to the Senior Facility
Manager. The incident was then reported to DNREC at 3:25 pm. The fire was
initially noticed by a George & Lynch Operator. He immediately called for the
water truck and soil to be delivered to the working face. The cause of the fire was
a “hot load” which was deposited by a Waste Management truck. The waste
involved was pushed out of the working face onto a solid soil surface, smothered
with additional soil and soaked with water. The fire was extinguished in
approximately 5 minutes. The “hot load” material and the soil used to smother the
fire remained isolated and undisturbed overnight. Once it was certain there was no
longer a risk of fire the involved waste was incorporated into the main working
area the following day. There were no injuries or damage associated with this
3. No prohibited wastes were reported as received at the landfill during the 2nd quarter of 2014.
4. DSWA remains in compliance with the conditions of the Yard Waste Ban. As of June 30th,
DSWA had issued no citations for yard waste at the working face for 2014.
5. According to our on-site inspections during the 2nd quarter of 2014, DSWA has controlled
odors, litter and dust both on site and off in accordance with the conditions of their solid
waste facility permit.
6. Please note that all environmental complaints, including odor complaints, should be reported
to DNREC’s toll free complaint line: 1-800-662-8802.


July 14, 2014 @ 8:00 am
June 11, 2015 @ 5:00 pm
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