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The Citizens’ Advisory Board (CAB)

July 16, 2012 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Cherry Island Landfill
July 16, 2012
The July 16, 2012 meeting of the Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) convened at 5:10 p.m. at the
Conference Room of the Delaware Recycling Center, 1101 Lambsons Lane, New Castle.
Thomas Mitten Richard Watson Robert Hartman
Marvin Thomas Robin Roddy
Thomas Noyes Uriel Rodriguez
Jeff Flynn

Agenda Items
Mr. Mitten added two (2) items to the agenda as follows:
Item #5 – CAB-CIL Annual Reports
Item #6 – CAB 2013 Meeting Schedule
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) updates
Mr. Hartman presented DNREC’s update on their activities at Cherry Island Landfill (see
Mr. Hartman reported an odor complaint concerning Cherry Island Landfill (CIL), on June 7,
2012 from a resident in New Jersey. Mr. Hartman also reported that on April 25, 2012 at the
Vandever Civic Association (VCA) meeting, residents complained of odors that were occurring
regularly in the early mornings.
Mr. Thomas expressed that the complaint at the VCA meeting is valid as he is from the South
Bridge area and has experienced a smell in the early mornings.
Mr. Hartman expressed that there was no follow up to the New Jersey complaint as DNREC’s
enforcement has no jurisdiction in New Jersey, so the caller was referred to the New Jersey
officials. At the VCA meeting DNREC urged residents to call in odor complaints, so that they
can be officially investigated.
CAB Meeting Notes
July 16, 2012
Page 2
Ms. Roddy expressed that the complaint in March was not substantiated and that she was
unaware of the June complaint. Ms. Roddy indicated that during the VCA meeting she informed
residents that she and DSWA staff are willing to accompany DNREC Enforcement during their
odor investigations. DSWA also invited residents of the VCA to tour the landfill. Ms. Roddy
asserted that she did not believe the odors described at the VCA meeting were attributable to
CIL Update
Ms. Roddy reported that October 1, 2012 CIL will have a new operations contractor, George &
Lynch (G&L). The Contract duration is for two (2) years with an option to extend for a third year.
G&L will operate and maintain the CIL. G&L currently operates DSWA’s Sandtown landfill and
have operated CIL in the past. Ms. Roddy expects the transition to be smooth.
Overview of Landfill Gas Usage from DSWA Landfills
Cherry Island Landfill
Mr. Watson explained that the CIL landfill gas is currently being flared. DSWA has entered into
a contract with Cummins to supply landfill gas to multiple end users. Croda is currently under
contract with Cummins to accept CIL landfill gas. The City of Wilmington is an additional future
end user for the use of landfill gas. The lfg will be utilized in their future sludge drying operation.
CIL collected 2,312 million cu. ft. of lfg of which, 2,187 million cu. ft. were sent to Calpine, the
remainder was flared.
Central Solid Waste Management Center (CSWMC)
CSWMC is equipped with three (3) engines, 1 MW each. The engines generated approximately
24 million kilo watt (KWh) hours during FY12. Approximately 50% of the lfg collected at
CSWMC was sent to the engines, the remainder was flared.
Southern Solid Waste Management Center

SSWMC is equipped with five (5) engines, 1 MW each. The engines generated approximately
38 million KWh hours during FY12. Approximately 80% of the lfg collected at SSWMC was sent
to the engines, the remainder was flared.
Ms. Roddy provided an equivalence example using the BTU values of lfg from the CSWMC.
The CSWMC BTU value is equivalent to:
 5,855 gallons of gasoline/day or
 Powering 2,000 homes in Delaware
 126 barrels of crude oil/day
 35 tons of coal/day
CAB Meeting Notes
July 16, 2012
Page 3
Citizens’ Advisory Board Annual Reports
Mr. Mitten asked the Board members that were present to review the two (2) Annual Reports
that he prepared and to vote on accepting the reports.
MOTION A – Moved by Mr. Mitten
“Accept both Annual Reports as drafted for July 2011 and July 2012.”
Second – Mr. Thomas
Vote – Unanimous MOTION ADOPTED
(Mitten, Thomas, Noyes, Flynn)
CAB 2013 Meeting Schedule
Mr. Mitten expressed that he had addressed the CAB meeting schedule with Deputy Secretary
Small regarding conducting three (3) meetings/year instead of four (4) meetings/year.
MOTION B – Moved by Mr. Thomas
“To change the 2013 meeting schedule from 4 meetings/year to 3 meetings/year, one
every four months, February, June and October.”
Second – Mr. Flynn
Vote – Unanimous MOTION Carried
(Mitten, Thomas, Noyes, Flynn) With the understanding that we (CAB
members) are seeking and will act based on the opinion for recommendation from the
Deputy Secretary or the Secretary.
The next meeting is scheduled for October 15, 2012 at the Delaware Recycling Center at 5:00
Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.
DSWA Cherry Island Landfill Summary for the Citizens Advisory Board
Prepared by Robert Hartman, DNREC Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Section
July 16, 2012
1. There was one odor complaint concerning the landfill during the 2nd quarter of 2012. On
June 7, 2012 the environmental complaints line received a call from a New Jersey resident
who complained that he could smell the Cherry Island Landfill at his property in New Jersey.
DNREC was not able to verify the odor (out of Jurisdiction), but referred the caller to New
Jersey officials. There were no other actions taken by the Department regarding this
2. On April 25th, representatives from DSWA and DNREC attended the Vandever Civic
Association meeting after an invitation from Senator Henry, citing constituents’ odor
concerns. Representatives from DSWA and DNREC attended and heard complaints from
some residents about odors. Resident’s complaints were consistent in that the odors
happened only in the early morning and on a regular basis. One resident thought that the
odor was due to Peninsula Composting. About 8 residents attended the meeting.
DSWA discussed their odor controls and offered landfill tours to residents. DNREC
community ombudsman, James Brunswick, distributed cards with the number to the DNREC
complaints line and encouraged residents to report odors. Residents talked about organizing
a group of interested folks to try and better identify/report odors impacting the community.
3. There were no fires reported at the CIL during the 2
nd quarter of 2012.
4. There were no prohibited wastes reported as received at the landfill during the 2
nd quarter of
5. DNREC staff continued to inspect the facility and 12th Street for odor, litter and dust, and
have found the DSWA to be satisfactorily controlling litter and dust both on site and off.
Inspections found no concerns with on-site or off-site odors. Note: During the 2nd quarter,
one DNREC site inspector was responsible for inspecting two facilities (DSWA CIL and
6. DSWA remains in compliance with the conditions of the Yard Waste Ban. DSWA issued no
citations for yard waste during the 1st and 2
nd quarters of 2012.
7. DSWA discovered damage to several wells along the east side of the landfill and are
investigating possible causes. It is very likely that some of these wells will need to be
replaced. DNREC is awaiting the DSWA’s findings.
12001 July 16, 2012


July 16, 2012
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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