• I have some electronics I need to get rid of. Does Delaware recycle them?

    Yes, DSWA has an Electronic Goods Recycling program available to residents, schools, non-profit groups and public agencies. Electronic Goods Recycling (EGR) and Collection for Residents is held from 10am-2pm at the Jones Crossroads Landfill every Monday, at the Delaware Recycling Center every Wednesday and at the Cheswold Collection Station every Friday to provide even more opportunities to dispose of EGR. In addition to these weekly collection events DSWA provides special Saturday collections throughout the year, click here for Saturday collection events.

  • What types of items are accepted in the Electronic Goods Recycling program?

    Click here for a list of things accepted in the Electronic Goods Recycling program. If you have a question about an item not listed, please call the Citizens’ Response Line at 1-800-404-7080.

  • Why should I recycle electronic goods?

    Some components of these electronic devices may contain pieces that if improperly handled could be harmful to the environment. Certain components may contain small amounts of lead, silver, barium, cadmium, and mercury. Many of these metals can be recovered and recycled by de-manufacturing and recycling of electronic devices.

  • Even though electronic goods can be recycled, am I still allowed to put them in the garbage?

    Yes, although DSWA recommends electronic goods be recycled, electronic goods can be placed in your household garbage.

  • How is e-waste regulated?

    Cathode ray tubes (CRT) in computer monitors and televisions can be considered hazardous waste if generated in large quantities due to the lead content. According to the EPA CRT rule, large quantity generators must dispose of their material in accordance with hazardous waste regulations if they are unable to reuse or recycle this material. For large quantity generators, CRTs are prohibited from DSWA’s facilities. For these generators, arrangements can be made for recycling by contacting DSWA’s Citizens’ Response line at 800-404-7080. Households also generate e-waste that include CRTs, but they are allowed to dispose of these wastes in the trash. While new municipal solid waste landfills are designed to handle this material from households, these wastes can be better managed in a designated program for collection or recycling. DSWA encourages residents to utilize DSWA’s Electronic Goods Recycling program for handling their e-waste.