To define, develop, and implement cost-effective plans and programs for solid waste management which best serve Delaware and protect our public health and environment.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority is nationally recognized for its management of Delaware’s solid waste material. It efficiently operates 3 landfills using innovative technology in order to provide a reliable disposal method for trash while protecting groundwater resources and preventing odors. DSWA also provides opportunities for disposal of special wastes including household hazardous waste, electronics, batteries, and used motor oil and filters. Recently, DSWA has partnered with recycling leader ReCommunity, to build and operate a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in New Castle, DE. The MRF processes, sorts, and bales all of Delaware’s single stream recyclables material. The bales of material are then taken to different manufacturing facilities where the material is recycled and made into new products. DSWA also partners with Revolution Recovery, a construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling company. Revolution Recovery receives, sorts, and processes construction debris such as wood, drywall, and metal. This material is then used for mulch, fertilizer components, landfill cover, or as raw material for new products.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority is proud to have been providing environmental education to residents for many years and is now proud of the new DSWA Environmental Education Building which is available for field trips and other outreach. The education building includes a classroom with multimedia equipment where education staff presents a range of information on DSWA facilities, programs and partner companies ReCommunity and Revolution Recovery. The goal is to inform children (and adults) about what happens to trash once it is thrown away and just how important it is to recycle. They explore how a landfill works as well as how recyclable are sorted and packed at the Materials Recovery Facility. To complement the informative lessons a room of interactive learning displays is located within the education building.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority is committed to managing Delaware’s solid waste in a way that keeps people safe and the environment clean. The DSWA Statewide Solid Waste Management Plan takes us through the year 2020, it includes a reliable system to handle Delaware’s trash – for now and for the future.

Rick Watson

Rick Watson
Chief Executive Officer – CEO