Landfill Gas Recovery

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Landfill Gas Recovery

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Landll gas (LFG) is the natural product of the decomposition that occurs naturally in a landll. It contains approximately 50% methane, the main component of natural gas. DSWA collects and utilizes the energy capacity of the LFG at all three of our active landll facilities. In New Castle County the Cherry Island Landll collects approximately 3,000 cubic feet of LFG per minute. Nearly half of the LFG collected is utilized by Cummins Power Generation to generate power for the Croda Atlas Point Facility. In Kent County the Central Solid Waste Management Center collects approximately 2,000 cubic feet of LFG per minute. In Sussex County the Southern Solid Waste Management Center collects approximately 1,500 cubic feet of LFG per minute. LFG collected at the CSWMC and SSWCM facilities is utilized by Ameresco Delaware Energy, LLC. Ameresco uses engines to generate energy for Delaware homes and businesses. Ameresco has 5 MW of energy generating capacity at both CSWMC and SSWMC facilities. LFG is a valuable source of green energy for the State of Delaware. Use of LFG to generate energy diverts the use of fossil fuel energy sources including coal, natural gas and oil. The carbon dioxide generated from utilizing LFG is considered “biogenic,” which means that it is carbon neutral so it does not contribute to climate change. LFG is a source of green energy that is available at DSWA facilities. DSWA is committed to continued public/private partnerships that will utilize LFG to produce green energy for Delaware.

FY 2015 Landfill Gas Data

LFG, Beneficially Used LFG,Flared LFG, Collected Energy Derived from Beneficially Used Gas Greenhouse Gases Reduced
(MMSCF) (MMSCF) (MMSCF) (MMBTU) (a) (kWh) (b) (no. homes powered) (c) 
NSWMC 728 774 1,502 393,707 33,650,129 2,973
CSWMC 750 162 912 370,562 32,417,257 2,864
SSWMC 679 108 786 325,196 28,946,202 2,557
a- estimated value
b- determined by USEPA 2014 LMOP LFG Energy Benefits Calculator
c- metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year reduced thru LFG collection