Find A Recycling Drop-Off Center

What Can I Recycle At Recycling Drop-Off Centers?

  • Newspapers/ Brown Paper Bags
  • Magazines/Catalogs
  • Telephone/Soft Cover Books
  • Junk Mail/Envelopes (all types)
  • Paper
  • Paperboard (cereal/tissue boxes)
  • Cardboard
  • Glass Bottles/Jars (any color)
  • Aseptic Containers and Cartons
  • Metal Cans (tin/steel/aluminum)
  • #1 PET plastic food and beverage containers.
  • #2 HDPE plastic food and beverage containers. No motor oil or anti-freeze containers.
    – HDPE Mixed Rigid Plastics- kitty litter containers, small plastic buckets (up to 5 gallon), milk crates, small toys, and plastic trays.
  • #4 LDPE butter tubs, sour cream containers, and margarine tubs.
  • #5 Polypropylene yogurt containers, cottage cheese containers
  • #7 Mixed plastics various containers. Cartons and aseptic containers- juice boxes, orange juice and milk cartons.

As well as, Household Batteries, Motor Oil and Oil Filters. These types of materials will continue to be collected in separate containers due to their size or special nature.

Click the chart for a great resource to have in your home and easily display for your family or guests what can be recycled in your home.



Please note that the Recycling Drop-off Centers are provided for use by Delaware residents for household recycling only. Businesses wishing to recycle should contact ReCommunity at 302-778-9793 to set up an account for dropping off recyclables or contact a commercial trash/recycling hauler to set up a contract for the collection of recyclables. 

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the CITIZENS’ RESPONSE LINE at 1-800-404-7080.