• What types of items are considered household hazardous waste?
    You can bring the following items to a collection event:
    • Product containers marked with words, “Warning: Hazardous,” “Flammable,” “Poisonous,” “Corrosive” or “Explosive.” See below for listing.
    • HOUSE: Full aerosol cans, bleach, chemistry kits, nail polish, polish removers, perfumes, disinfectants, drain cleaners, floor wax, mercury thermometers, moth balls, oven cleaner, smoke detectors, spot remover, toilet cleaner
    • EXPLOSIVES: Ammunition, firecrackers, gunpowder
    • WORKSHOP: Corrosives, paints (other than latex), small compressed-gas cylinders, solvents, stains, strippers, thinners, varnish, wood preservatives, fluorescent bulbs
    • GARDEN/YARD: Fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, pool chemicals
    • AUTOMOTIVE: Antifreeze, auto batteries, degreasers, waste fuels – gasoline, kerosene, used motor oil mixed with other fuels



  • Are there any items that are not accepted at the HHW events?
    DSWA does not want the following items brought to a Household Hazardous Waste Event:
    • FRIABLE ASBESTOS – Accepted by appointment only at Cherry Island Landfill for a fee.
    • NON-FRIABLE ASBESTOS – Accepted by appointment at all DSWA landfills for a fee.
    • UNKNOWN SUBSTANCES – Greater than 1 gallon or 8 pounds.
    • LATEX PAINT- Water-soluble is not hazardous. Can be taken to a landfill. Please solidify with kitty litter or sand. Also check with your garbage hauler to see if they will accept in solid form.
    • CONTAINERS WITH LESS THAN 1″ OF MATERIAL – These can go in your regular trash.
    • USED MOTOR OIL – Oil which has not been mixed with other fuels is accepted at specific DSWA Recycling Drop-off Centers.
    • PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS – For safe disposal of prescription medications please see DSWA’s Household Hazardous Waste Program page.



  • When are Household Hazardous Waste Events held?

    DSWA holds many Household Hazardous Waste events each year.
    Click here for schedule.

  • If I cannot make it to a Household Hazardous Waste can I put these materials into my household trash?

    While some items can placed in with your household trash, DSWA recommends that these items be brought to a Household Hazardous Waste event for safe disposal.