DSWA’s  Administrative Office is now located at 601 Energy Lane, Dover DE 19901 

Design & Engineering Services for Area F Phase I-B Capping at the CSWMC

Sealed Proposals, in copies of five (5) and one (1) complete electronic copy in PDF format on a flash drive (minus proposal cost page), for Design and Engineering Services for Area F Phase I-B Capping at the Central Solid Waste Management Center (CSWMC) located at 1107 Willow Grove Rd, Felton, Delaware, Contract No. S-24-903-CS for the Delaware Solid Waste Authority shall be delivered to the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA)’s Administrative Office, 601 Energy Lane, Dover, Delaware, 19901, no later than 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16, 2024.  DSWA may extend the time and place of the due date for Proposals by providing at least two (2) calendar days notice by certified mail, fax, or email to any Proposers who DSWA has recorded as having received a copy of the RFP.  If the Proposal is sent by mail, or other personal delivery system, the sealed envelope containing the Proposal shall be enclosed in a separate envelope plainly marked on the outside with the notation, “Proposal Enclosed.”  Proposals delivered by any means other than mail or personal delivery shall be rejected.


The Work under this contract is for design and engineering services for Area F Phase 1-B Capping.  The services include, but are not limited to,:

  1. Existing site evaluation, including topographic and utility surveys.
  2. Design work including design of a Subtitle D Landfill Cap for Area F Phase I-B and any required modification to ancillary features.
  3. Preparation of construction bid documents (including a bid table, measurements, and payment) with an estimated construction schedule/timeline.
  4. Preparation of permit applications including all fees and associated permitting tasks.
  5. Bid evaluation, construction cost estimate and recommendation for award of construction contract.
  6. Services during construction including but not limited to submittal review, answering requests for information, running bi-weekly progress meetings, generating meeting notes, and construction schedule management.
  7. ENGINEER is responsible for having a DNREC certified CCR INSPECTOR that will be responsible for all inspections and reports required by permit until DNREC Sediment and Erosion Control deems the project is complete.
  8. Preparation of a final certification report documenting the construction of the designed, suitable for submission to environmental regulatory agencies for approval.
  9. Final as-built drawing files in AutoCAD 2018 or earlier.

Additional requirements and description of work are set forth in the RFP as are the criteria for evaluation and determination of the successful proposal.  DSWA may award the contract to the responsible proposer submitting the most responsive proposal which serves the best interests of DSWA and the citizens of the state of Delaware, and not necessarily at the lowest cost.

Every Proposal prepared in response to this RFP shall be prepared by the PROPOSER with the expressed understanding that any and all claims to reimbursement for the cost and expense of its preparation is waived.  The submittal of a Proposal in response to this Notice shall constitute an agreement of the Proposer to all of the conditions in this Notice and the RFP.

A copy of the RFP for Contract S-24-903-CS may be obtained by emailing smg@dswa.com or submitting a request at https://dswa.com/resources/rfpbids/request-for-bidsproposals/ on or after Thursday, June 4, 2024.  DSWA will not be responsible for full or partial sets of the Project Manual obtained from any sources other than stated above, or in the project manual, nor shall BIDDER rely upon such other sources or information.

A non-mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday. June 12, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. at the Central Solid Waste Management Center located at 1107 Willow Grove Road in Sandtown near Felton, Delaware, 19943. A site visit to Area F Phase 1-B at the Central Solid Waste Management Center (CSWMC) will proceed after the Pre-Proposal meeting or PROPOSERS can contact Christopher Velazquez at cav@dswa.com to schedule a site tour.

The PROPOSER must submit, with its Proposal, documentation indicating it is licensed to conduct business in the State of Delaware and PROPOSER must meet and comply with all state, local, and federal laws, regulations, ordinances, codes, and requirements in the scope of their Work and comply with any and all licensing requirements.  PROPOSER shall provide a copy of its Certificate of Authorization (COA) to practice engineering in the State of Delaware from the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers (DAPE).  All work shall be supervised by a Delaware Registered Professional Engineer.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals which in its judgment is in the best interest of DSWA, and all PROPOSERS are notified that such acceptance or rejection shall be without liability on the part of DSWA for any action brought by any PROPOSER because of such acceptance or rejection.  Likewise, DSWA reserves the right to waive any requirement or irregularity in the RFP process without liability on the part of DSWA.  The submittal of a proposal in response to this Notice shall constitute an agreement of the PROPOSER to all the provisions set forth in this Notice and the RFP.

Five (5) copies and one (1) complete electronic copy (minus proposal cost page) in PDF format on a flash drive of the Proposal shall be submitted to DSWA.  The Proposals shall be sealed, marked, and addressed as follows:

Delaware Solid Waste Authority

601 Energy Lane

Dover, Delaware 19901

Attn:  Christopher Velazquez

Proposal for: Design and Engineering of Area F Phase I-B Capping, S-24-903-CS


No PROPOSER may withdraw their Proposal within ninety (90) days after the actual date of opening thereof, except as may be authorized by the Project Manual.

The Project Manual explains the process by which prospective Proposers may submit questions about the meaning or intent of the Project Manual.  Please contact DSWA prior to the Proposal opening if you wish to schedule a site tour.

All other inquiries regarding this work shall be directed to:

Christopher Velazquez                                   and                  Simone George

Project Engineer                                                                     Administrative Assistant

Phone:  302-739-5361                                                            Phone:  302-739-5361

Fax:  302-739-4287                                                                Fax:  302-739-4287

Email:  cav@dswa.com                                                          Email:  smg@dswa.com