• Why is there a yard waste ban at DSWA landfills?

    Restricting yard waste from DSWA landfills is a permit condition – which DNREC issued to the Delaware Solid Waste Authority. Current estimates based on DSWA’s recent statewide waste characterization study place Yard Waste at approximately 16.4% of residential waste. By diverting Yard Waste from the landfill, the life expectancy of the landfill will be extended.

  • If I cannot put Yard Waste in my regular trash, what can I do with it?

    Here are several options available for the disposal of yard waste:
    Check with your trash hauler to see if the program they are offering fits your needs. Some residential trash haulers have indicated they are offering Yard Waste collection services.
    Bring your yard waste to one of DSWA’s facilities where it will be recycled into mulch or compost for a fee. Cherry Island Landfill, Sandtown Landfill, and Jones Crossroads Landfill, as well as our transfer stations at Pine Tree Corners, Milford, and Route 5, all have yard waste drop off areas. Please visit our Facilities page for details.
    DSWA Collection Stations will accept yard waste for $1.00 per bag. You must purchase DSWA Collection Station tickets to use this program.
    Look into starting a compost pile in your yard. DSWA and the University of Delaware Extension Offices are both selling backyard composting bins for $20.00. The bin can be expanded to 3 feet in diameter.

  • What exactly is yard waste?

    “Yard Waste” means plant material resulting from lawn maintenance and other horticultural gardening and landscaping activities and includes grass, leaves, prunings, brush, shrubs, garden materials, Christmas trees, and tree limbs up to 4 inches in diameter.

  • I have a lot of “monkey balls” (fruit from the Osage tree) and walnuts that fall in my yard. Do those falls under the Yard Waste ban?

    Yes, because things like monkey balls and walnuts are plant material that result from yard maintenance therefore they fall under the Yard Waste ban.

  • I have holiday greens with ribbons and bows, how should I dispose of these?

    Floral arrangements such as holiday decorations that are mixed with wire, ribbon, etc. should be considered household garbage. Wires and ribbon would contaminate the yard waste composting process.

  • I still have more questions about yard waste, who can I talk to?

    DSWA has a Citizens’ Response Line available Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm to answer any questions you may have about yard waste or any other DSWA program, please call 1-800-404-7080.