The following is a list of steps DSWA takes in issuing a RFP/RFB until the Notice to Proceed.

Step 1:
Need for the project is identified.
Step 2:
Project Manager contacts the Request for Bids/Proposals Administrative Assistant to obtain Contract number.
Step 3
Once a Contract Number is assigned, Project Manager begins to develop the package.
Step 4:
After the Project Manager develops the package, it is sent to the Bids/Proposals Administrative Assistant for review.
Step 5:
After the review, Administrative Assistant sends it out to the appropriate DSWA staff as well as legal Counsel for internal review.
Step 6:
After internal and legal review, comments are added/changed.
Step 7:
Administrative Assistant uploads Notice to the website. The Notice shall also run in the Delaware State News for a two consecutive week advertisement.
Step 8:
Administrative Assistant develops an information sheet for DSWA employees regarding the RFB/RFP specifics.
Step 9:
Administrative Assistant puts together a Plan Holders List detailing company name, address, contact person, phone, fax number, and email address.
Step 10:
If a pre-bid/pre-proposal meeting is held, Administrative Assistant writes out the minutes and sends to the Project Manager for review.
Step 11:
Once the Project Manager reviews, the Administrative Assistant electronically sends the pre-bid/pre-proposal meeting minutes along with the Agenda, Sign In Sheet to all who DSWA has recorded as having received a copy of the Request for Bid/Proposal. 
Step 12:
Administrative Assistant may issue an Addendum for final questions six (6) days prior to the Bid Opening/Proposal due date.
Step 13:
Administrative Assistant along with the Project Manager conduct the Bid Opening. If a proposal, Administrative Assistant distributes to all those who will rank the submitted Proposals. Administrative Assistant uploads bid results or names of Proposers to website.
Step 14:
Administrative Assistant sends the two lowest bidders or all proposers over to legal counsel for review.
Step 15:
Pending legal review, staff will recommend the lowest Bidder for an RFB or the highest-ranking Proposer for an RFP to a committee of the Board of Directors.
Step 16:
If the committee concurs with Project Manager regarding an RFB, the decision will then go to the DSWA Board of Directors who has final say. If the committee approves negotiations for an RFP, Project Manager will begin negotiations.
Step 17:
If the Board approves the lowest bidder for an RFB, Administrative Assistant will issue a Notice of Award that will require the lowest bidder to submit additional documentation within 10 days of receipt of letter. Once negotiations are met for the RFP, Project Manager will recommend award to the Board for the highest-ranking proposal. After Board approves, Administrative Assistant will issue Notice to Award.
Step 18:
Once Administrative Assistantreceives additional documentation and two copies of the signed Agreement from the lowest bidder, Administrative Assistant will have the CEO or COO sign the Agreement. When Administrative Assistant receives the additional documentation from the highest-ranking Proposer, and two signed copies of the Agreement, Administrative Assistant will have the CEO or COO sign the Agreement.
Step 19:
The Administrative Assistant will issue a Notice to Proceed and a copy of the signed Agreement to the lowest bidder or most responsive proposer. Upon receipt of the Notice to Proceed, Contractors/Engineering Firms may start Work as noted.