Policies Regarding Bids and Proposals

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Policies Regarding Bids and Proposals

Each BIDDER/PROPOSER must be duly licensed under Part III, Title 30, Delaware Code; and if applicable, registered as a foreign corporation, under Subchapter XV, Title 8, Delaware Code to submit a Bid/Proposal.

Performance and Payment Bonds may be required for some Bids/Proposals.

DSWA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Bids/ Proposals, which in its judgment is in the best interest of DSWA, and all BIDDERS/PROPOSERS are notified that such acceptance or rejection shall be without liability on the part of DSWA for any action brought by the BIDDER/PROPOSER because of such rejection, nor shall the BIDDER/PROPOSER seek any recourse of any kind against DSWA because of such rejection. DSWA also reserves the right to waive any irregularity in the Bid/Proposal or Bidding/Proposal process.

Every Proposal prepared in response to this RFP shall be prepared by the BIDDER/PROPOSER with the expressed understanding that any and all claims to reimbursement for the cost and expense of its preparation is waived. No BIDDER/PROPOSER may withdraw the Proposal within one hundred twenty (120) days after the BID/PROPOSAL due date. The submittal of a Bid/Proposal in response to this Notice shall constitute an agreement of the BID/PROPOSAL to all of the conditions listed in Bid/Proposal Documents.

Copies of current “Request for Bids” (RFBs), or “Request for Proposals” (RFPs) may be obtained from the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (“DSWA”) on or after the posting date at the Administrative Office located at 1128 S. Bradford Street, Dover, Delaware.

Copies of the bid/proposal shall be submitted to DSWA for review by the Due Date. No bid/proposal will be received after the specified time on the day the Bid or Proposal is due. Bids/Proposals shall be sealed and marked with the Title of the Bid or Proposal. No faxes will be accepted. Bids/Proposal  delivered by any means other then by mail or personal delivery shall not be accepted.

Bids/Proposals must be submitted to the Offices of the DSWA at the following address:

Delaware Solid Waste Authority
1128 S. Bradford Street
P.O. Box 455
Dover, Delaware 19903